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1. Choose a band from our Most Popular Acts

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You are done! Your live music entertainment is booked!

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Cocktail and Reception Music sets the tone for the rest of your special event. Whether you prefer Smooth Jazz and Swing, Stylish Brazilian Bossa or Beautiful Classical Tunes, we will personalize this hour to fit the theme or your unique style.​


Jazz Duo

Ideal for cocktail hour 


Solo Piano

Ideal for cocktail hour 


Jazz Trio

Ideal for cocktail hour 


Solo Sax

Ideal for cocktail hour 


Jazz Quartet

Ideal for cocktail hour 


Solo Guitar

Ideal for cocktail hour 

Our elite ensembles have collected a large repertoire of classical, light jazz, latin, and pop selections so you can truly personalize your cocktail hour.

We have expanded our services to include engaging ensembles, perfect for an elegant cocktail reception.


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Walla Music specializes in working with you to find the right band & perfect music that makes your event exactly like you imagined.


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